Fighting for an accountable city government that works for you!

Clara has a plan to make city government work for ALL South Dakotans – not just the powerful and well-connected.

Dates To Remember

14Oct, 2017

Augustana Vikings Day Parade

33rd Street & Grange Avenue10:30 am
23Mar, 2018
10Apr, 2018

Election Day

Your Nearest Polling Place7:00 am - 7:00 pm
24Apr, 2018

Run Off Elections

Sioux Falls, South DakotaAll Day
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Together, Let's Move Sioux Falls Forward!

Here are some of the issues in our city that are on the top of my priority list:

I’m going to provide safe and engaging spaces for young people to prepare for the modern world—and the modern workforce.

I want to create better paying jobs to prevent the brain drain of our graduates leaving the state.

I am advocating for affordable housing so families can flourish and give back to the community.

I’m going to Encourage the use of public transportation to create a more eco-friendly city.

I want to promote pay increases for law enforcement officials to attract more hard working individuals to the force.

I want to help clean up our parks to make them safer and more welcoming to families and visitors.

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Join Clara Hart!

I have loved volunteering through the years. It has satisfied my hunger for connection and belonging that resulted from growing up in various countries as a refugee. But now I hope to serve the people of Sioux Falls in a different capacity. That’s why I’m running for City Council.